We provide services to help you achieve financial stability and develop healthy habits, after time spent in jail or prison

We Aim to Build Better Futures, Together

Located two blocks from Richmond BART, the Reentry Success Center provides access to information and critical services, opportunities to learn and develop skills, and one-on-one support. Map Us

Members & Families

We strive to be a healing and empowering place where our members and their families can actively build better futures. Incarceration can affect many parts of your life, so we work with our community of partners to provide free, integrated and effective services all in one location.

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We serve:

•    People who did jail or prison time and now live in Contra Costa County;
•    Families directly impacted by incarceration that live in Contra Costa;
•    People locked up and within six months of release to Contra Costa.


There are countless ways to support the Reentry Success Center. With your support, we can accomplish anything.

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