What is Reentry?

Reentry refers to the transition people have into communities after incarceration.

The experience of arrest, incarceration, and reentry into communities is difficult for those behind bars, and many other individuals are directly and indirectly impacted. We believe reentry planning and preparation should begin as early as possible after first contact with the criminal justice system in order to achieve successful reintegration.

Our History

The Reentry Success Center is the result of a seven-month process led by a diverse community of local and regional stakeholders, who volunteered their time, ideas, and heart from start to finish.

The community started with a central question: What are the most important things a West Contra Costa County reentry center could do to add the greatest value to our current reentry system?

The answer is what awaits all who visit the Center–it is the living outcome of our community’s dedication to these core values.

Our Core Values

The Reentry Success Center is a beacon of hope, healing, and justice for formerly incarcerated people and their families. Working with a community of partners, we provide free, integrated, and effective services in one welcoming hub.

Our vision is a future in which all formerly incarcerated people and their families are valued, empowered, and actively building better futures.

Our Team

  • Pat Mims Director
  • Estela Granera
    Estela Granera Office Manager
  • Michael Fulmore
    Michael Fulmore Reentry Coach
  • Tiffany Anaya Reentry Coach
  • Lawrence Robinson
    Lawrence Robinson Mentor Volunteer Coordinator