Girl Talk: More Than Idle Chatter

Throughout history, women have turned to one another for friendship, advice, guidance, and support. Countless movies have been made, and even more books have been written, which capture this bond.

Girl Talk, a community-based group hosted by Antioch’s Rubicon Programs, offers women 18 years and older a safe space to share what’s in their hearts and minds. For women reentering the community after time in prison, it can also serve as a place to receive support and strength to staying positive and maintaining accountability.

No topic is out of bounds.

Feeling hopeless? Had a bad day at work? Need a break from the spouse, the kids, or both? Looking for tips to support healthier eating habits? Girl Talk has you covered. There’s an added bonus: light dinner is provided.

Let the girl time begin!

Girl Talk takes place every Tuesday, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at Rubicon Programs, 418 W. 4th Street, Antioch, CA. For more information, please call 925-399-8990, and ask for Melissa, Alicia or Michelle.

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