The Reentry Success Center provides free, integrated, and effective services to individuals and families impacted by incarceration. We also help you plan critical next steps after contact with police or courts.


Our welcoming hub offers:

•    Family Services
•    Financial Planning and Assistance
•    Education & Training
•    Employment Assistance
•    Health & Wellness
•    Housing Assistance
•    Legal Services
•    Public Benefits (such as Medi-Cal and CalFresh)

Coaching & Mentoring

We support our members in their efforts to build valued and empowered lives. We help our members set goals and connect to the resources needed to thrive. And we work alongside our members, partners, and allies to increase accountability.

We also have volunteer mentors from the community who provide opportunities to learn about new careers, encourage new skills and hobbies, and offer guidance and advice.

Ongoing Peer Support

The Reentry Success Center encourages members to support one another–it is critical to success. We offer social events and support groups, and work with our members to form a network of supports that suits their needs.