Victoria’s Success Story

victoriaVictoria grew up in a family where addiction was rampant. She was a victim of molestation and turned to drugs and crime to change the way she felt. She was released from prison in 2007, and fully committed to turning her life around in January 2012. Developing a strong support system through Narcotics Anonymous, family members, friends, college professors, and the Reentry Success Center has helped her stay on the road to success.

With a 3.77 grade point average, Victoria is well on her way towards an AA degree. The Reentry Success Center provided access to Proposition 47 relief—meaning some of her felonies will be dropped to misdemeanors, and then hopefully expunged. In the meantime, Victoria is working for Ujima Family Recovery Services inspiring others with her story; and helping them find the strength to get clean, sober, and on the road to success.

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